Give Me Just 5 Minutes and I’ll Show You How To Bypass the Months of ‘Trial and Error’ Learning Most Copywriters Have To Endure…

“Here’s How You Can Craft the Kind of RED-HOT Sales Copy That Ignites Emotion… Endears Readers To You… and Makes Your Message So Compelling -- That Genuine Prospects Have No Choice But To Buy NOW!

“Best Of All You Don’t Need Tons of Training… Years of ‘In-The-Trenches’ Experience… or Even A High School Diploma To Write Your Own Killer Ads and Sales Letters That Even Outperform A $10,000 Per Piece Copywriting Pro!”


Brian Keith Voiles, America's most brilliant and highly sought after  copywriter finally reveals his simple, step-by-step system for writing winning sales letters and advertisements that work! 

"Mail-order marketers, direct marketing experts, dentists, chiropractors, lawn care professionals, hair dressers, computer programmers, publishers, manufacturers, software developers, restaurants, professional speakers, printers, salespeople, nutritional companies, and almost any other business you can think of have all used my techniques to generate leads and customers like mad.” 

This is the same system he uses to write money-making ads and sales letters for Mike Enlow, Robert Allen, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Jay Abraham, Peter Sun and many other multi-millionaire marketers.  

Read this letter very carefully if: 

1)     You want to learn the money-making skills  and secrets that have made the world’s most successful direct marketers RICH! 

2)     You currently do any form of advertising or plan to advertise in the future. 

3)     Someone else writes ads for you and you want to know how to recognize advertising that works.

In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the easiest way in the world to create the most effective form of advertising that sells any product or service like crazy!

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"...brought in over $2.5 million."

"Brian is absolutely the very best...that's why he writes my sales material.  

A 16-page sales letter that Brian put together so far has brought in over $2.5 million. Those kind of results can happen only when someone knows how to write hot ads."

Mike Enlow

Masters of Marketing


"... I made $52,682 in 30 days."

"The most recent letter Brian wrote for me filled the seminar seats to overflowing in record time. Because of Brian's sales letter, I made $52,682 in 30 days.

Get your hands on every thing this guy has to offer before he realizes he should be charging TRIPLE what he does!"

-Robert G. Allen, Author/Trainer,  "Nothing Down Real Estate" and "Multiple Streams of Internet Income"



"...Jump on it!"

"Ad copy is the fuel that runs the engine. Without great copy, your business is not going anywhere. That's why I've invested so much over the years in producing great copy for my businesses."

"Brian Keith Voiles is one of a tiny handful of copywriters I entrust with my sales. He's also a generous and articulate teacher. If you ever get a chance to learn from him, jump on it."

Ken McCarthy

The System Seminar


As you can see, these marketing giants  and many other multi-million dollar corporations have literally sold millions of dollars worth of good and services because of Brian's killer copy.

But more importantly, YOU can use the same powerful strategies and techniques to cash in with your own marketing and you won't have to pay the $25,000 fees that Brian routinely commands.


Dear Friend,

You’re about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to increase the sales and profits of every ad you place, every online sales letter you write and every letter you mail!

Even if your ads and sales letters are doing okay, you can now double, triple, or even quadruple the results you’re  currently getting! And it’s easy once you know the...

Amazing Step-By-Step System For Writing Powerful Ads And Sales Letters That Sell!

That’s what this letter is about... showing you where to turn to find simple, yet detailed information guaranteed to make your advertising work.

That’s where my friend Brian Keith Voiles comes in. You may have never heard of Brian, but he happens to be one of the nation’s most talented copywriters.  He’s one of the few people I know that understands the true meaning of “salesmanship in print”.  (Advertising that sells is “salesmanship in print” and Brian literally wrote the book on it!


Brian’s fee for writing an advertising campaign is $12,500.00.  His clients line-up to pay him this fee because the ads and sales letters he writes are real money-makers! Now I'm not asking you to line-up to hire him. Instead, I  want you to "own" his proprietary secrets. You need it to build any kind of business. Here's how:


Brian has  released a home study course that makes writing totally irresistible,  order pulling ads and sales letters a breeze!  And now you can get this comprehensive course for a fraction of what you’d have to pay Brian (or any copywriter) to write an ad or sales letter for you.

It’s called:

“Advertising Magic: The Complete Guide To Creating
Hot Ads & Sales Letters That Work!”

Advertising Magic is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the subject of writing advertising and sales letters that sell.


The bottom line is this:  If you want your ads and sales letters to stop being money-wasters and start being money-makers, you must get this course!


Look, knowing how to put together an ad that brings in orders like crazy is one of your most powerful assets. It’s an asset that you can leverage and use to make yourself serious money every single time you run an ad or mail a letter. 

Advertising Magic will show you how to master the “art and science” of writing powerful sales letters, postcards, brochures, order forms, display ads, classified ads, and yellow page ads that sell, sell, sell!

Owning the Advertising Magic home study course is like having your own in-house copywriter on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Because once you apply the step-by-step formulas laid-out in Advertising Magic your ads and sales letters will practically write themselves -- like magic! Ad Magic is unquestionably guaranteed to help you get all the hot leads and new customers you can handle.

If you want your ads and sales letters to stop being money-wasters and start being money-makers, you must get this course. Let me share a quick story with you, to illustrate the importance of getting your hands on this inside information so you can boost your business by getting all the hot leads and new customers you can handle:

Bob stared out the window as the mail truck pulled up outside his office.

He ended an unimportant phone call just so he could be in time to meet the mailman at the mailbox. See, he knew that from many previous attempts, that there would be very little or no response to the mailing he had sent out 10 days ago.

He just knew it.

But he had a small glimmer of hope that this would be "the one", that this mailing really would work. After all, he spent $2,200 on the mailing – he went all-out with a nice, classy 4-color brochure that he paid a big agency in town to put together for $700 plus printing, a short cover letter which he spent hours on… and a sharp looking response card. He figured this mailing would do pretty good.

As he walked back toward the office, Cheryl caught a glimpse of Bob out of the side of her eye. He was upset; the typical "another lousy mailing went sour" look on his face told her everything. "I tried to tell him" Cheryl thought to herself… "I just knew it would be a waste. Advertising is such a huge waste of money!"

Bob filtered through the "junk" mail; tossed aside his newsletter subscriptions; and pulled out a skinny stack of reply cards.

A whopping 3 replies. "Let's see. That equals out to a cost of $733.33 per lead; that's even worse than last time!" he said to himself, trying silently not to blow-up in front of the whole staff.

Clenching his teeth tight enough to crack walnuts, Bob decided right then and there that direct mail advertising was nothing but a waste of time for him. See, this was Bob's seventh attempt at the direct mail gamble; it was a gamble for Bob because he didn't know the rules.

He knew that a good mailing campaign could bring him in "truckloads" of business; he knew it because he'd seen his best friend Peter do it time and time again. Heck, Peter could make money on full page ads in the trade journals!

"What's Peter's secret?" Bob wondered. He'd talked with Peter about it before. Peter swore on a stack of bibles that it wasn't anything Bob couldn't do.

Tail between his legs, Bob finally went to Peter and found out precisely how to succeed with mailings and ads.

This is a true story. Bob's name was changed but "Peter" is real; in fact, his testimonial follows:

"... I highly recommend Brian’s course, Advertising Magic."

"Writing ads and letters that really sell is the ultimate ticket to financial freedom. As far as making money goes, you just cannot learn a better skill than this one."

"Imagine. No matter what you want to sell, you can always come up with an ad or a letter to do the job. Anytime you need more business -- simply turn the tap on. Sounds too good to be true?? Well, it isn't. Not if you have the right tools at your disposal."

"I always meant to get around to developing a program that would help you to become a good copywriter. But as you can imagine it's a daunting task. And besides, I've been too busy making money writing ads and letters for myself and a few clients."

"The good news is that a friend of mine has spent the last 18 months developing what I consider the best guide to writing ads and sales letters in the world."

"I don't say that lightly. Brian Keith Voiles has created some of the best ads and letters I've ever seen. And he's worked for some very famous (and rich) clients. If you are serious about wanting to learn the ultimate skill, or if you simply want to work less and make more money, I highly recommend Brian’s course, Advertising Magic."

"The ads and letter samples included with the course are worth many times the investment. Even if you don't want to learn how to write ads and letters yourself, you are sure to find an ad or letter you can adapt for your business."

Peter Sun

Direct Marketing Expert,

Queensland, 4213, Australia

Tel. (07) 5525 3455

Fax. (07) 5525 3499


Peter Sun has gone on to become Australia's biggest entrepreneurial success. And he's done it all through advertising and direct mail.

And since Peter showed Bob what to do, "Bob" has become the largest direct mail company in Australia.

You see, knowing how to put together an ad or letter that brings in customers, leads, and orders like crazy is Peter's most powerful asset.

It can also be your most powerful asset. In fact, it should be your most powerful asset. It's an asset that you can leverage and use to make yourself serious money every single time you run an ad or mail a letter.

And that’s what his course is all about.

Ad Magic will teach you how to master the "art and science" of writing powerful sales letters, postcards, brochures, order forms, display ads, classified ads, web pages, and anything else you need to generate leads and customers.

Owning the Ad Magic home study course is like having your own in-house copywriter on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because once you apply the step-by-step formulas laid-out in Ad Magic your ads and sales letters will practically write themselves!

His ad writing techniques work and his track record of "top-dog" clients speaks for itself. He's written for:

  • Ted Nicholas, author of "How To Form Your Own Corporation For Under $75"

  • Gary Halbert, author of "How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time"

  • Jay Abraham, marketing consultant and author

  • Dr. Stephen R. Covey, N.Y. Time's best-selling author of "The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People"

  • Robert Allen, Best-selling author of "No Money Down Real Estate"

  • ..and the step-by-step system you learn in his course is the exact same system he still uses to make these clients and others, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    As a matter of fact, take a look at what some of these top experts and clients of his have to say about him and his customer-generating ads and sales letter skills.

     "...he's exceptional at making you money.

    Brian Voiles is an exceptional copywriter. When I'm talking about business, exceptional means only one thing -- he's exceptional at making you money. If you have a chance to get Brian to write copy for you, book him now before someone else grabs your spot."
    Bob Serling, Marketer, Consultant, Stratford Marketing Group



    Here's What The Top Dogs in The Industry Have To Say About  Brian Keith:

    "Brian Keith Voiles is a genius of a copywriter, and one of the greatest human beings that I know. You'll never regret the day you start working with Brian... he's a millionaire maker!

    "Please don't waste years more of your life fumbling around trying to write copy that sells, take the short-cut that works and get Brian Keith Voiles help, you'll thank him for years to come."

    -- Kirt Christensen, Master Internet Marketer


    "...before Brian and I personally met I studied and devoured his 'Ad Magic' course (one of the bibles of copywriting). But now I know Brian first-hand because I've hired him, and he has made me over $100,000.00 on a single letter.

    --Yanik Silver, Master Internet Marketer


    "Brian Keith Voiles is a fantastic, rising young copywriter. He's one of a rare breed in America who shows real talent!"
    -- Ted Nicholas, Marketing Expert · Nicholas Direct


    " Advertising Magic is the encyclopedia of writing advertising that sells. It is the most comprehensive book I've read about advertising and the one I refer to most."

    --Michael Kimble, American-International Marketing -- Austin, TX

    These gentlemen have all done business with him, or made money off his irresistible ads and sales letters; and once you grab hold of his new course, you’ll be cranking out money-making ads that are irresistible to your prospects, too!

    If you've ever wanted to really generate hot leads and customers like you've never been able to before, his Ad Magic is the place to start!

    Ad Magic Is A Complete System For Creating
    Advertising That Works. And It's So Simple,
    Anyone Can Do ItGuaranteed!

    Need more proof? Brian's got even more proof that anyone can do it!!!  Click here to take a look at what some of Brian's  customers have to say about Ad Magic and what it's done for them.

    They're all happy customers of his because Ad Magic delivers on every promise he makes and more. 

    These are all business owners just like you - real people whose lives have been changed and enhanced by his course, Ad Magic.

    "...Brian has my highest recommendation."

    "Brian Keith Voiles... writes some of the best sales copy I've ever read. He’s one of the best copywriters there is and, he's not only good, Brian has my highest recommendation."

     -- Gary Halbert, Marketer, Author, The Gary Halbert Letter


    He's  got dozens and dozens more letters from hundreds of customers around the world -- including Ad Magic users in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and here in the USA… but they've all got one thing in common -- they're all people like you.

    They're people who want to improve their lives by improving their business profits.

    And with his  proven system, you can improve your life by putting out ads and sales letters that'll suck-in the leads, the customers, and the cash like crazy, just as these customers have done!

    Now, please understand: This is not information you'll find in all the other ad writing and marketing books that are out there in the "main stream". And you definitely won't even find this information in the curriculum of the top universities of the country!

    You'll be learning Brian's deepest secrets about how to put out ads and sales letters that pull in the profits, leads, and customers. Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover and learn from Ad Magic:


    Here's just a fraction of what  you're going to learn about KILLER COPY that you simply WILL NOT learn anywhere else

     The very first thing you must do before writing one word of copy! (see page 82)

     27 fail-safe tests that every ad must pass before you use it! (see Chapter 20)

     Exact word-for-word samples of sales letters that brought in millions... and how to adapt those same letters for your own business! (the whole Appendix is jammed full!)

     How to guarantee that your letter gets opened, read, and responded to. (Devour Chapter 18 to get this right!!!)

     Time tested words and phrases that sell and how to use them. (Chapter 16 reveals more on this than you'll ever begin to see anywhere else!… 24 BIG pages full!)

     The real reasons people choose to buy anything -- the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists, and "con men" finally revealed! (Chapter Five, "Motivation Magic" shows you all you need to know!)

     How to write benefit packed bullets that generate sales! (see page 165)

     24 sure-fire bullet formulas you can plug right into to create sizzling hot, benefit-packed bullets with ease! (page 172-173)

     The tips, tricks, and techniques that make space ads work like a dream! (Chapter 17 will keep you in check for profitable space ads!)

     The most important part of every letter and ad you write. (see page 137)

     The easy 9-step system for creating order forms that get prospects to act fast! (see pages 123 through 136)

     12 Proven Strategies to get "in the mood" to crank out hot ads whenever you want ... like a hot thoroughbred race horse gets "hot" to race. (see pages 286 through 296)

     11 steps quick and easy step to writing a "million dollar" sales letter. (see pages 260 - 267 for all you need to know!)

     6 ways to improve your ad... after you've done all you can to make it your best. (see Chapter 23!)

     How to find out why people don't respond to a good ad or sales letter, and what to do once you know! (see page 105)

     The 6 essential (yet over-looked) questions you must ask yourself to make sure your ad or sales letter is focused! (see page 99)

     The inside secrets of how to create a guarantee that practically forces your customers to buy now! (easy as pie if you follow Chapter 14!)

    With Ad Magic you'll be writing killer copy just like the Madison Avenue pros. Here's what else you'll get out of your course:

     13 tips and tricks for creating powerful openings to your ads! (pages 142-144 tell all!)

     The essential elements of every great sales letter and how you can use them. (see Chapter 18)

     The 11-step formula that anyone can use to write Ad copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency! (Chapter 23 tells you all you need to know… it's the 'glue' that brings everything else you learn in the book together!)

     The best way to create the "first draft" of your ad. (This technique will surprise you! See page 292!)

     The 12 mistakes most advertisers make and how you can avoid them! (See pages 32-55)

     Exactly how you can get all the testimonials you'd ever want! (Chapter 13 gives you more details on this proven strategy than you'll ever see in print…. heck, look at all the testimonials in this letter!!!)

     10 guaranteed ways to increase readership and response to your sales letters and ads... without touching your current copy! (Chapter 19 reveals all ten in specific detail!)

     The little known ingredient you must understand to make sure your Ad or letter sells! (See Chapter Six… this will change how you get customers forever! - you'll love it!)

     How to lay out your sales letter for increased readership. (Read Chapter 18 for this)

     A revolutionary new approach to follow that make putting out ads and sales letters easier, and virtually guarantees their success. (Follow Chapter 23 carefully….)

     How to create powerful headlines that guarantee your prospects will read your ad! (Chapter nine gives you the most complete treatise ever on the subject of headlines!)

     Why you've got to forget everything your English teacher ever taught you to make your ads and sales letters pull in the cash sales you deserve! (page 227-228 gives you the scoop)

    Click Here To Get Everything You Need To Create Powerful, Money-Sucking Ads and Sales Letters


    This is just the beginning of all you get from Ad Magic!

    "Ad Magic Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before On Creating Ads And Sales Letters That Bring In The Leads and Customers You Want!!"

    Brian's  approach to coming up with hot ads and sales letter is completely different than anything you've ever seen, read, or heard before -- and what's more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can do what I do, once they understand it!

    "...This stuff really works!"

    "I LOVE copywriting, and I collect any book I can about it. As such I am extremely impressed with Brian's Advertising Magic . I must say he's pretty bloody good! Brian has an exciting easy to read style that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating winning advertising. 

    This stuff really works! His methods have helped me increase the results of my letter drops by as much as 300% to 600% (my client was ecstatic to say the least). 

    Carefully read Brian's chapter 23, his system to plug together an ad that really motivates your prospects. It's a winning formula!"

     -- Chris Lambert , Canberra, Australia

    Ad Magic is your complete "encyclopedia tour guide" to creating Ads and sales letter that generate hot leads and new customers for your business.

    It's all laid out for you in precise, step-by-step detail...

    Here's what you get :

    The Ad Magic 3-ring binder manual -- 388 type-set pages of power-packed information that reveals my proven step-by-step system for generating hot leads and customers with powerful ads and letters time and time again... including samples of money-making letters and ads that I've written for me and others. (These samples alone have been said to be worth the entire price!)

    You get Brian's  easy-to-follow "Secret Creation System" that makes writing ads and sales letters effortless. It's all here folks… (I've spilt the beans that the "big boys" didn't want me to spill – and they're mad as a wet hen!)

    Six audio CD's  highlighting the most important points of the course and how you can get the most out of it -- starting today! You'll master the four most important concepts of advertising and the 12 most common advertising mistakes that businesses make and how you can avoid them  Plus more details on headlines, bullets, offers, guarantees, and more! Here are  the titles of the six cassettes that Brian has jam-packed with his never before disclosed proprietary secrets:

    PLUS, Brian will  be going over several of the sample letters in line-by-line detail on CD # 6 so you'll understand the thinking behind each of these money-making sales letters and ads so you can learn to do it yourself!

    Audio CD # 1: "Empathy Makes the Difference"

    Audio CD # 2: "Research Is The Key"

    Audio CD # 3: "12 Ad Mistakes To Avoid"

    Audio CD # 4: "Offers & Orders"

    Audio CD # 5: "Powerful Headlines"

    Audio CD # 6: "Letter & Ad Analysis"

    You get a brand-new DVD of a powerful and entertaining presentation Brian did at a seminar in New Orleans where attendees paid $15,000 to learn from Brian and other marketing and advertising geniuses.

    And, if you order Ad Magic within 72 hours, I will give you this HUGE FREE BONUS worth more than double the value of the entire course:

    So with the course, the six audios CD's, and the DVD, you'll be getting everything you need to make your ads and sales letters work for you so you can generate all the hot leads and customers you'll ever need.

    But wait...

    Order  NOW and You'll Also Get An Incredible War-Chest of Ingenious Copywriting Tools and  Resources Worth A Real $730...Absolutely FREE!  

    Bonus #1: Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Clinic 

    Dan is the "hidden genius" behind full-page magazine advertisements you've no doubt seen, direct-mail campaigns you've received and TV infomercials you've seen. In addition to all the advertising and direct-mail Dan prepares for his own products, services and businesses, there are hundreds of clients using marketing materials Dan has prepared for them. His full-page ads have appeared and do appear in magazines like Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, Moneymaking Opportunities, Nations Business, the airline magazines, the tabloids, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, and countless trade magazines. 

    Dan Kennedy routinely commands no less than $9,200.00 for the simplest letter or ad to $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 per copywriting project, plus royalties. And he literally has a waiting list business, with clients standing in line and patiently (or impatiently) waiting for him to fit them in. Dan has been paid as much as $50,000.00 in royalties from one letter. Nearly 70% of all clients hiring him to write copy once, return and continue.

    It's taken me a lot of arm twisting to be able to include Dan's Copywriting Clinic absolutely FREE with this offer.You get 6 Audios Plus a Workbook. (sells for $129 on Dan's site right now) This is a  very powerful shortcut, 'crash course' on the ins and outs of writing killer copy. You'll discover 97 specific tricks-of-the-trade that Dan Kennedy uses to consistently pull in millions of dollars for himself and his clients. You can count 'em as you listen to these tapes. And they're all listed in the Outline Notes. (Sells for $129)

    Bonus #2: Robert Boduch's Great Headlines Course 

    It's a well known fact that every ad, press release, web site, or marketing document of ANY kind, MUST have a strong headline to succeed. 

    Improving your headlines can give you tremendous marketing leverage and make every promotional effort far more profitable! But how on earth do you master this crucial skill? 

    Master copywriter Robert Boduch finally reveals all the secrets in this full-size manual jam-packed with all the inside secrets -- tips, techniques, ideas, and strategies for crafting powerful, more effective and profitable headlines! It’s a complete resource -- nearly 200 pages of pure profit-building power! 

    Bonus #3: Classified Magic -The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Crafting Super-Responsive Classified Ads 

    Discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on auto-pilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...non-stop. These are the same techniques a fellow we know uses to pull in between $6,520 to $10,260 every single month. (Sells for $39) 

    Bonus #4: Special Report: "7 Quick And Easy Headline Formulas" 

    Pull out this special report any time you need powerful, quick headline ideas. Just pull out this report whenever you need a headline and you’ll have several winners in mere minutes! With these formulas, writing dynamite headlines is as simple as filling in the blanks! ($19 value) 

    Bonus #5: The Ultimate Idea Inducing, Creativity Enhancing Sample Headline Collection 

    You'll get instant access to a huge reference file of 39 full pages of over 600 headline examples culled from my massive collection of direct mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, advertisements, web pages, courses, articles, and books. A tremendous resource to ignite your creativity and help you put together a guaranteed winner every time!  . ($37 Value) 

    Bonus #6: Secrets Of Writing Headlines That'll Make You Rich 

    Discover some of Peter Sun's jealously guarded copywriting secrets that have helped him bank as much as $103,000 in a single week at 85% profit margins and sell over $7 million worth of information products in less than 5 years. ($37 value) 

    Bonus #7:  Peter Sun's Special Report: "78 FREE And Low Cost Ways To Add At Least 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days or LESS! Guaranteed!" These are the very same strategies that Peter Sun an ex-muffin baker used to take him from being broke and desperate to making $272,012.00 a year working from home with NO staff or overheads . .. 

    Bonus #8: Ted Nicholas' Special Report on Writing and Testing Sales Letters

    Ted Nicholas is widely regarded as the foremost authority on space advertising in the world. And rightfully so, since his space ads have produced over $200,000,000 in sales! (Yes. That's two-hundred million) Ted is perhaps the highest paid copywriter and speaker per word in the world. He has earned as much as $500,000 from a single 1,000 word ad. He has invested over $100,000,000 in tests to find exactly the right words that suck money out of people's wallets over and over again. In this incredible 70 page PDF seminar transcript Ted teaches you:

    • The 3 magic elements of any successful mailing. 

    • Two powerful ways to begin your letter, 

    • 4 proven ways to enhance the success of your letter, 

    • The vital key to successful testing, the three elements that can make
      a huge difference in your test results and much, much more.

    Bonus #9:  Killer Ad Bootcamp 

    You'll also get instant access to a 12 Step Advertising Creation System which practically forces people to line up and beg you to take their money! This Advertising course was created with one main purpose in mind...Helping you learn how to write effective advertising pieces as soon as possible. (sells for $97)

    Here are just some of the Incredible Secrets You Will Learn in this Course:

    • How to Ask Yourself the Question That 98% of businesses fail to ask themselves which practically guarantees your success in any business! (Page 12)

    • Insider's Secret Backbone of ALL Successful Advertising that 90% of People have never figured out! (Page 23)

    • How You Can Use Your Competition To Increase Your Sales For You! (Page 28)

    • How to Write Passionate Advertising Copy that gets people drooling for your products and services! (Page 29)

    • 24 Power Words to Use In Your Advertising to Increase your sales response on every single ad you write! (page 30)

    • How to make your advertising friendly and conversational to make them confident in ordering from you! (page 31)

    • 2 Step System to developing a Uniqueness to Your Business which absolutely leaves ALL competitors in the dust! (page 35)

    • How to Increase Your Sales Income by As Much as 297% or More by spending only a couple of pennies more on each of your packages! (page 42)

    • How to get people to take action NOW every time! (page 44)

    • How to Increase the Value of ALL of your products or Services to double or even triple your profits off of everything you sell! (page 46)

    • How to Increase your response rate by 245% or more by writing a Special Risk-Free Guarantee! (page 47)

    • 4 Insider Secrets to Every Successful Guarantee! (page 48)

    • How to Make An Offer People Can't Refuse! (page 50)

    And if that wasn't enough, you will also learn:

    • Why most advertisers have their prospects almost sold...and then lose 50% of their orders at the last moment and you can change that simply and easily! (page 53)

    • 6 Proven Ways to Create Killer Order Forms! (page 54)

    • How One Headline can outsell another headline by as much as 1800% without a single change in the sales letter itself! page 65)

    • 3 Insider Secrets for Successful Headline Writing! (page 67)

    • 8 Proven Headline "Recipes" and How you Can make money with every single one of them! (page 69)

    • How to Make Sure you come up with a winning headline every time you sit down to write! (page 77)

    • How two little marks on your sales letter increase sales by 20% and why they should be placed on every ad you create! (page 75)

    • How You can create Lists of Benefits which get your prospects drooling for your products and services! (page 81)

    • 3 Myths which are destroying your sales letter's response rates! (page 88)

    • 4 Steps of every sales process! (page 92)

    • 8 Keys You have to have in every sales letter to succeed! (page 94)

    • 5 Secret Techniques to closing your prospects! (page 97)

    You will receive the complete workbook with 12 separate worksheets which practically create your ads for you.. This is as close as possible to a "Fill In the Blanks" advertising creation system! Anyone regardless of their education Can Write Killer Ads...Including You!

    Bonus #10: Writer's Friend Software

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